Sunday, May 1, 2011

16 weeks and growing tall

France has grown about 6 inches in the past 6 weeks.  We make marks on the wall every two weeks, holding the pencil across the top of his shoulders. He's tall enough to use the elevated dog dish and actually look down into it. Six weeks ago, he couldn't reach the water dish even when he stretched his tongue out as far as it would go.
France eats 1.5 cups three times a day -- although he'd like about 6 cups 8 times a day. Typical labbie. 
He likes to crawls into a lap for serious nylabone chewing time.  And he usually wraps one of his paws around our arms to make sure we don't accidentally stop holding it at the right angle.
France does very well on outings. He's getting used to his puppy jacket and trots right along. He is usually pretty calm when he greets people and other dogs, although he gets excited when he meets one of his dog buddies. It doesn't take much to wear him out - it takes a lot of energy to grow. And France can fall asleep in an instant. Even the ex-pen makes a great pillow for this pup.
I couldn't resist the view from outside the pen. See the lab lips?
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