Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Silky's brother receives his recall date

Stefano has been recalled to begin his formal guide dog training. He'll leave in two weeks and go to the Guide Dogs campus in Oregon.

We're really proud of Stefano and hope he does well in training. He'll be the second puppy from our club in training. Don is in phase 7 right now - GO DON!! Genevieve, whose family moved to our area from San Francisco, is in breeder evaluation.

Stefano's recall brought it home to us that Silky will be recalled soon. There are three other puppies in our club about the same age: Desta is 3 days older than Silky and Stefano, Quebec is 2 weeks younger, Nougat is 4 weeks younger than Quebec.

Here's a link to the Mt. Tam Guides web page for photos of all the pups. Mt. Tam puppies

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  1. Stefano is exactly one month older than Kyle. That means it won't be long until Kyle's recall date now. Sad! Good luck to Stefano! :)