Thursday, March 10, 2011

Career change for Silky

OK - so Silky's evaluation told us what we already knew but what we'd hoped no one else would notice. Namely that she's just too rambunctious to be a guide dog. Guide dogs are trusted with their partner's life and need to be steady, reliable performers. Silky just can't help herself when she feels the urge to leap 4 feet into the air and perform a triple axle. Very pretty, but not good guide dog behavior. 
 Puppy footprints in the sand showing the take-off and landing for Silky's triple axle at the beach.
What's next? She'll be with us for about more 2 weeks while her paperwork gets processed. After that, she'll go back to the San Rafael campus until they find her new home. It's been quite a ride, little girl.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about Silky's career change. :( Random comment but I know who raised her Dad, Jenkins. Are you getting a new puppy?

  2. Silky will be a wonderful pet for someone; I hope they will let you know where she ends up. She will still make a huge difference in someone's life. But I'm sorry, I know it's still disappointing.

  3. Yeah, we're disappointed but know it's really better for Silky. She's a fun girl and will settle in when necessary. But her heart is in the fun; not the work. She's going to be a great pet!

    We'll pick up another puppy to raise shortly after returning Silky to GDB. She'll be with us for another week or so.