Monday, April 11, 2011

Puppy's work (read "play") is never done

 For his first week with us, we kept France close to home. He explored the house and got to know a couple of our neighbors. He learned the road to the relieve area and met the puppy toys. So far, France's favorite toy is the little red kong.
 He carries it around, bounces it then pounces on it, and takes it into his crate for some serious chew time. 

 We're getting in lots of puppy snuggle time, too. France likes to settle in on laps . . . 
 . . .  and it's OK with us, too. (Look at that yawn!)
 Puppy mellows out after a few minutes of playing. The warm lap helps him relax.
This guy's got relaxation down -- pretty typical for puppies.  Play, sleep, play, sleep, play, eat, drink, relieve, play, sleep.

The next week, we started walking around our building - inside and out. We explored the rest of the first floor and walked around the outside to the front. France met Mr. Elevator and the stairs -- just looking for now. As another week passed, he took his first ride on the elevator, went up stairs and came down the bottom one, rode in the car and started visiting some quiet store fronts. He also grew an inch and a half and gained 4 pounds. Big boy - ready for a big puppy toy. France, meet Mr. laundry bottle.
We've introduced sit, come, wait, OK, that's enough and let's go. He rides beautifully in the car, is quiet in his crate and has just started to spend time on tie-downs. France is a mellow guy and learns things pretty quickly. What a guy!

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