Monday, June 13, 2011

Silky was adopted!

Silky found a new home. The folks at GDB worked long and hard to find the best family for her. She went home with them a couple of weeks. ago. We'll send our contact information to the Dog Placement folks to forward on to Silky's new family. Keep your fingers crossed that they get in touch and we can keep up with Silky in her new life.
Here's Silky with Stacy and Stockholm (Silky's in the middle) at Fun Day 2010. Her brother, Stefano, is waiting to be matched with his new partner. Another brother, Stockholm, has been selected as a breeder. Sisters Susie and Sophie are in training. And sister, Stacy, has been selected as a breeder. Their brother, Spencer, was donated to a guide dog school in Samsung, Korea.

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