Tuesday, May 1, 2012

France's last day at Yoshi's

France has gone with me to Kinuko's hair salon once a month for the past year. He owns the place. Today is his last visit to Kinuko's. France's recall date is May 21 (although it still needs to be confirmed). We are beginning the period of recording France's "last" visits to all the places he has frequented since March 19, 2011.
He also owns Yoshi, haircutter extraordinaire!
 And Yoshi's wife, Hitomi. They love France and have loved him since the first time they saw him.

France always enters the salon in his puppy coat. He sleeps in front of the chairs while I am shampooed and shorn. Then I take his puppy coat off and he visits with Yoshi and Hitomi. It's hard to tell who enjoys the puppy rubs more.

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