Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7 months later and my first post

I enticed my lovely daughter-in-law to go with me to pick up our new puppy on December 23, 2009, from the GDB kennel in San Rafael. Our new puppy is named Silky. She moved right in and took charge immediately -- quite a wake up call for us since Maren had been such a quiet little lab. Silky's not un-quiet in the sense that she makes noise -- she just has attitude to spare. Seems like a very long time ago. . . This was our first walk. I pretty much followed her around for awhile. Then scooped her up and left for home.

Who had more fun hanging out in the back seat? I think it was toss-up. Silky soon discovered Leslie's ears and tried to clean them. She cleans everyone's ears -- especially Don (her best friend GD puppy) and Griffen (our grand-dog).


  1. Hi Mary Jo! I'm so glad that you have a blog. Aw- what cute baby Silky photos :)

    I looked up Maren on the yahoo littermate list (look it up in yahoo groups if you want to join) and her siblings are Marnie (from Alameda County Guide Dog Puppy Raisers) who is in formal training, McCloud who is a puppy in training or career changed, McGyver who is in formal training, and Memphis (San Mateo Puppy club then transferred to Mid Peninsulal Puppy Guides) who is in formal training.

    Here is a picture of Memphis:

    If you go to the Alameda Guides website, you may be able to find a picture of Marnie.

    Photo of Tiburon:

    Photo of Jenkins:

    Don says hi :)

  2. It was really great meating you guys at Rickey's tonight. Maren's sister Memphis was raised by a good friend of mine and she was a sweatheart. She graduated and is working in Canada.

    Amie & Ricki