Friday, July 30, 2010

Bus ride with Primrose and Quebec

Silky (smiling at Quebec and Cindy), Primrose (black lab with Carol) and Quebec (yellow lab with Cindy) went for a ride on an ACTransit bus. We started in Kensington, rode to the El Cerrito Plaza BART station, walked around a bit and then rode back to Kensington. The puppies were very excited to see each other and we all (Cindy, Carol and me) had lots of chances to work on dog distractions. When the bus came, all the puppies climbed right on board and eventually settled down in the back of the bus. When we got to BART, Primrose and Quebec climbed up the stairs to the platform, but Silky was too distracted by them to climb the stairs -- she wanted to bound and fly up the stairs so she could be next to the other puppies. So she and I stayed close to the bottom to work on distractions and stairs. The bus left the BART station after about 20 minutes. When we arrived in Kensington, we had an afternoon tea at a little coffee shop. The electricity was off in the area, but the guys in the coffee shop stayed open anyway and we sat at the tables outside. The puppies were all quiet while we had tea. Primrose is lovely -- all grown up. Quebec and Silky were pretty rowdy -- especially when we were waiting for the bus to come. Ah well -- practice, practice, practice
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