Friday, July 23, 2010

Nap time

Fast forward to April. Silky is 6 months old and very tired after playing with Leslie -- also very tired.

Here Silky is, hanging out on our deck. It's her favorite hang-out spot -- she watches people and dogs go by, basks in the sun and nibbles the leaves off all my plants. We made a "no puppy zone" by putting a kiddie gate across one section. It keeps the plants and puppy a safe distance from each other.

Don comes to visit from time to time. Silky loves Don -- loves to chew on his cheeks, chase him around, steal his toys and stare at him when they're both on tie-downs. Here's Don explaining how things work to Jeff. "You just move this little push button to one side and I'll be free. OK, Jeff?"


  1. Aw- she's so cute when she curls up into a little ball like that. I remember when I took her to the mall and on the car ride home she curled up and fell fast asleep between the two chairs :)

    sweet dreams, Silky!

  2. We saw Silky's sister Sophie today at the Jelly Belly event!

  3. Wow! Are they coming to Fun Day? Is Sophie a BLF, too? I can't wait to meet Silky's littermates.