Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Indy - Bookstore dog of Stockholm

Jim and I spent a day in the oldest section of Stockholm: Gamla Stan. Gamla Stan is a medieval city; once walled. At one time, all the people living there were required to live within the city walls. Then came the plague and wiped out more than half the population. And after other diseases spread through the city, the restriction on living outside the walls was rescinded. People moved outside the city walls, the population density decreased, and diseases stopped spreading so quickly. It was a great solution. It also created Stockholm.

We took the T-bana from Fridumsplan (where our hostel was) to Gamla Stan. It was fun to hear all the stops announced correctly by the subway train driver. When we came up from underground, we found this bookstore: The English Book Store. It's a lovely bookstore and I found Steig Larrson's 3rd book there.

The young woman who helped us, Tiffany, went to school at Virginia Tech and has lived in Stockholm for 2 years. We got to talking and I said we'd lived in Puerto Rico. She said, "My dog is from Puerto Rico!" And we met her dog -- Indy. Here's Indy.

Indy is a sata (Puerto Rico street dog) just like our lovely Sally was. When Jim and I moved to California, we brought Sally and two cats (Sugar Ray and Leonard) from Puerto Rico. The street dogs there are lovely, sweet, kind and grateful. 

Tiffany's sister does research on Monkey Island in PR, and sent Indy to her before Tiffany moved to Sweden. 

One more thing, Tiffany's Indy is just like Justin and Crista's Indy -- sweet, lovable dogs. It was more than fun to run into another Indy so far from home.

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  1. Mary Jo,

    I am Tiffany's father and live in Danville, Virginia. I enjoyed reading your blog piece on Tiffany and Indy. We miss her greatly (she was in the US in July to get married), but she is enjoying her life in Stockholm at the bookstore and working for Highlights magazine. We have a beautiful 5-year-old English setter named Sadie. I keep a blog on our walks in the woods. If you are interested, I have a web page at The web page has a link to the blog and also some pictures of Sadie and pictures I took in Sweden during the summer of 2009. Also pictures of Tiffany's wedding this summer.

    I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog. It seems very interesting. Have a good day.

    David Hoffman

  2. Mary Jo,

    It was a pleasure sitting next to you and Jim on the plane yesterday. I am thrilled to say that I have spent my Sunday morning in pj's being lazy and reading your blog. The pictures of your trip are amazing and as I expected, Silky is quite the cutie :) Shortly after I leave you this comment, I will begin my research for my mom's new car :) At least what I hope will be a new car, and trip for myself. From our brief encounter, you and Jim seem to be fascinating and wonderful people and I look forward to many more comments on your blog! Have a great day and I'm sure Silky will be thrilled you both are home again.