Friday, September 10, 2010

Puppies meet horses; horses meet puppies

One family in our puppy club invited us to a horse farm. Their daughters were competing that day and all our GD puppies and raisers were treated like VIPs. There were lots of horses, lots of people, lots of interesting sounds and smells for the GD puppies to encounter.

Nougat gets a good look at a horse walking by. There's a water truck in the background that drove around the track spraying water to keep the dust down. Some of the puppies were more interested in that truck than in the horses!

Guide Dog puppies in the VIP tent. Where else? I'm not sure who the BL is on the left, but the YL in the center is Don.

Great picture, Don. What are you looking at so intently? Could it be Silky?

Primrose takes everything in stride. She was recalled not long after this outing.

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