Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Road trip down the coast

We took a long weekend to go to LA and visit family. Silky went with us -- her second road trip. Our first trip was to Mendocino last March. If I can find pictures, I'll post them.

Silky resting up before the long road trip.

DYB, Silky. It may smell like Monterey, but it's just dirt. Really.

Silky likes to look out of the car window until we get on the freeway. Here she is taking in the sights of San Luis Obispo after we left the farmer's market.

Goughnuts in the hotel? What a great place this is! We stayed in Pismo Beach and Silky joined us for the breakfast buffet in the morning.

Silky hanging out with Jim while we wait for our car. A warning light flashed periodically but the diagnostic tests came back negative. Later, just before we got to the 405 in LA, we discovered it was low on oil. Poor Prius. Who'da thought they actually use oil?

LA - Finally! Dylan Bob, this is Silky. Silky . . . Dylan. . . er . . . OK . . . . chew on each other. And they did. They chewed and ran and played and finally learned to settle down in each other's presence. What a great puppy weekend! Let's hope Dylan doesn't get the warts.
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  1. Hey! I have more information about your first puppy's littermates. I can't figure out how to send you a message so I hope this is OK. The Littermate Group I belong to on yahoo has all the files and what not about what happened to all other dogs. I was just looking on it and came across Maren's litter. It says that Marnie became a breeder, though I don't remember and litters being born to her. I'm intrigued now so I'm going to check it out.