Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When puppies fly . . . .

What can I say? Silky was happy to get home.

She has three little warts on her lower lip -- canine papilloma. There's quite a bit on the web about it -- nothing to do, really. The little warts will fall off eventually. They're very contagious so she's not playing with anyone right now. We're watching her little Welsh Terrier cousin, Dylan Bob, to see if he catches them. He and Silky played and played and played while we were visiting in LA. Did I say they played? We're looking back about 2 weeks or so to see what puppies she played with as possible sources for her warts.

She's discovered jumping on people. She actually lunges and jumps at the same time. We step on the leash, try to teach people how to do body blocks, keep her on the tie-down but she still manages to act like a canine pile-driver whenever someone gives her the friendly eye. She's on the food protocol for people and dog distractions. Any suggestions?

Our next puppy club meeting will be at a horse show. Can't wait!

And . . . it's her 10 month birthday today.

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  1. BWAHAHAHA! We had an outbreak in our group of what we call "The Warts". The first one to get them was Colorado and he had such a bad case that he wasn't allowed to puppy meetings for a month. Then Rocco got two on his jowels and then Amici got one on his tongue and then Rockford on the back of his throat. Haha! Harvard, a puppy who has been gone since last July, even got one of his tongue. Mary noticed it while she was visiting him. :) That's so funny.

  2. Aha! Amici surfaces again! I suspected Amici as the wart-carrier/distributer. My theory said that Amici passed them to Don when Don's raisers brought Amici to San Rafael after the Jelly Belly event. Then, my theory said, Don passed them to Silky who probably passed them to Quebec and Nouget. Turns out, though, both Don and Quebec already had warts and were immune. So now I suspect the water bowls at Fun Day. Hmmm. I'm trying to get pictures -- hee hee.

  3. Haha! I didn't let Rocco drink from the water bowls at Fun Day. I went around pouring the water into my own collapsable dish. :) I didn't want to pass it through the water. Hahaha! I just think it's so funny.