Sunday, August 22, 2010

On the way to LA

We went down the coast to LA for a long weekend to visit family. The first stop was in San Luis Obispo -- always a fun stop -- on Thursday night. They have an incredible farmer's market every Thursday and we needed an outing for Silky and a birthday present for cousin Lisa. The farmer's market covers at least 8 blocks in downtown SLO with multiple bands; many, many food stands, tons of people and no dogs allowed. Silky walked right along with us in the crowd, dressed in her Puppy-in-training coat. Proud puppy. She behaved very well walking through the dense crowd. There were lots of new sights and smells.

Here's Silky being very grown up in the middle of all the action at the San Luis Obispo farmer's market.

We were nearly at the last block and heard someone say "Oh, look at the Guide Dog puppy." It was Helena with her puppy-in training, Delaware. We talked for a few minutes, exchanged names and puppy club information. What a great meeting! Delaware is Don's littermate: Don being Silky's BFF in our puppy club. Turns out that Silky's littermate, Stacy, is in Delaware's puppy club (Paws 4 Sight in San Luis Obispo). Wow! We met Stacy at California Fun Day.

Silky was excited to run into another PIT from Guide Dogs. It was almost as though she recognized him as Don's brother. Delaware was calm and I wish that Silky could be as calm when she meets other dogs. We're working on her dog distractions and I am more hopeful after meeting Delaware. Helena said he was had serious dog distractions to work through, too.

Silky is courageous and confident. The big issue we're working on is her dog distraction. We pick up a lot of hints and encouragement from the blogs from other puppy raisers (especially Lauren and Don). Jim and I are hopeful she can work through the distractions. She's such a great puppy -- sweet and brave.

We got some delicious SLO Chai Coffee for Lisa's birthday. Silky waited patiently while Jim paid for the coffee.
Silky was a great ambassadress for Guide Dogs and sat quietly while this little boy came over to say "Hi". She also met a blind person who is considering getting a guide dog. He hasn't decided quite yet, but was very interested to meet Silky and talk a bit. The man was with his sister and we encouraged them to check out the website for GDB. Hope he decides to get a dog. Who knows . . . maybe it will be Silky?

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  1. I love San Luis Obispo. How fun to meet Don's sibling by chance!

  2. That's so cool that you met Delaware!!! Isn't he HUGE? Helena told me he was dog distracted, but it sure doesn't look like that in the photo :)

    That looks like a great outing for Silky, with all those people. Good girl!
    I wish you luck in conquering Silky's dog distractions :D

  3. Delaware was very cool, calm and collected when we met him. Silky, of course, was bouncing around and did, finally, sit. Good girl, Silky. Nice. (munch munch)

  4. Just wanted to let you know we found your blog! :) Both Delaware and I were super excited to run into you guys - what a small world!

    Hope you and Silky are doing well.