Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shopping with Silky

Time to shop for birthday presents for Charles -- our grandson who just turned 5. I'm looking for "Up"; Silky thinks "Up" is a good choice since there are dogs in the movie.

Silky was a perfect example of Guide Dog puppies-in-training during this trip to Target. She stayed right next to me, waited when I said "wait", sat when I said "sit", etc. We're sure she's coming into her first season since she's acting perfectly. Quite unusual for our little "I-go-my-own-way" puppy.

So you think Charles will like the red one? Silky thinks red will be just fine.

Puppies don't need socks and Silky can't quite figure out why people want to bother with them. Silky is doing very well with her "down, stay" commands. It's a good thing we practice twice a day with each meal: We say "Silky, down" and she flops down on our kitchen floor. "Silky, stay." And she watches us fix her food. She never moves -- not even an eyelash. "Silky . . . OK" Up, to the dish, gobble up kibble. Yum. And the pay off for us? She didn't move while I checked out the socks in Target.

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