Sunday, September 26, 2010

Silky at the puppy sitter's

Silky's spending three weeks with puppy sitters - thanks, guys - while we're out. I love this part of the GDB program. Not only can we travel without worrying about her care, Silky continues to receive training and puppy handling the GD way. She learns about different families and has lots of new experiences.

Cooper "painted" a picture. I love the way Silky uses her paw to hold the toy upright. (chomp chomp yum yum)

Sitting pretty while out to dinner in Petaluma. Good girl, Silky.
Since she didn't see fit to go into season while we were gone, it's likely she'll be away from home for another 3 weeks not long after we get back to California. Not to worry, though. We won't be dogless. We'll have OPP (other people's puppies) as we get the chance to puppy sit in our house!

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